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It’s time to
Feel Good Again!
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Our New Myofascial Stretching Affiliate Program is
Up and Running!!!

We would like to invite you to join us in spreading the word about
Myofascial Stretching. This program will benefit both you and your clients.

When you join the Affiliate Program, we will provide a link for you to place on your website, in a marketing email, newsletter, or on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages showcasing the Myofascial Stretching Book. When your clients click on this link they will be transported to our website where they can place their order. You will then receive a 20% commission on every non-bulk sale of 9 books or less and every ball sale. In addition, if someone links to our website through yours and signs up as an affiliate, you will receive an additional 5% commission from all of their future affiliate sales.

There is no risk involved.
You have a lot to gain by signing up for this FREE program.

Here’s what that looks like in dollars:

Myofascial Stretching Book - $6.00
Book Easel - $0.60
3 inch ball - $1.00
4 inch ball - $1.20
5 inch ball - $1.40
Spine Roller - $2.40
Hand Pump - $1.80
Set of 3 different sized balls - $3.20
Stir into Flame (CD) - $2.99

**At this time we are unable to include bulk orders or the other music CDs in the Affiliate Program.

Our software will automatically track your sales and commissions. You can log into your account at any time to view your sales volumes and commissions earned. Whenever your commission reaches or exceeds $50.00, we will send you a check for that amount. Commission checks will be distributed in the third week of every month.

This is an easy way to educate your clients about Myofascial Stretching and get them excited about their home programs, while making a profit yourselves.


Once you sign up as an affiliate you will receive instructions on how to add the links to your website (or other electronic media) yourself. If you aren't that computer literate, our website designer is available to help.

Brenda and Jill,

Thank you so much for creating the affiliate program for your book, Myofascial Stretching. It has been a great experience and very easy to share this product with my patients. I believe in your book and the self-empowerment it teaches my patients. It's even nice to receive a financial exchange for sharing something I believe in with others and enable patients to benefit even when they do not or can not buy a book in my clinic. I've told lots of people about your program. I hope you continue to have success! Tthanks

Aaron LeBauer PT, DPT, LMBT, RYT
LeBauer Physical Therapy
LeBauer Consulting


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. And, welcome aboard. We hope this will be a mutually beneficial and long term relationship!

Yours Truly,

Jill Stedronsky, MS OTR
Brenda Pardy, OTR


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We have created a new group Affiliate Program through Amazon so that therapists may easily offer the books and other products listed here to their clients and earn commissions in the process.

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